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Another black belt from the early days of Chicago House. The King of Acid K-Alexi produced this record already 30 years ago. The reissue is now available in our Web Shop* courtesy of La Bella Di Notte*. Shipping from Tuesday 6th. Don't sleep!
An interview with #discogatto
Smell of a great parties. The label Boss Marco Febbraro will perform Naples, his hometown, with a warm-up to a Star of the contemporary Chicago scene The Black Madonna and the week after in Vicenza with Dax DJ in the cult venue Bar Sartea, established in 1904. Follow the music!
Finally available a cult record out of the very early Chicago House scene, originally released in the far 1984. Adavanced copies for purchase in the Web Shop* before the official release date due to mid. / late December this year.
Original videoclip for the official reissue of "Pushin' Too Hard" put together by the expert hands of Marcus Mixx.12" record available for purchase in our Web Shop*. Enjoy!!!
A masterpiece from another time and Space. A classic record in the selection of the pioneer DJs Mozart and Daniele Baldelli. Now available for purchase at this link*.
What do you Do if I say it is finally available for purchase?
After the Italian Disco Segreta, we welcome the UK finest Be With Records with a tiny selection of its superb catalogue in our humble WEB SHOP*. We have a very few copies for purchase of Buari and some other amazing reissues. Don't, don't, don't sleep friends.
Another test pressing in! Just landed and sounding real faaat, the pioneer acid output from the legendary of Chicago Mr. K-Alexi here in the guise of KA Posse, with the outstanding title and (of course) music "Our Love Stops And Goes". Reissue courtesy of La Bella Di Notte and Mr. K-Alexi himself.
News, NewS, NEWS: We have three winners coming up in the next few weeks. Test pressings are confirmed and actually sound A-m-a-zing!!! "Love Treatment" a refined very rare electronic funk rooted disco gem released in the early 80s. "Land Of Death" a key record in the selection of the DJs Daniele Baldelli and Mozart at the temple of cosmic music Baia Degli Angeli. And, last but not least, "Pushin' Too Hard" a proto house out of Chicago, one of the very first Mix to define the genre, by Master Plan. And we are super proud to give you a little taste of a strong connection which goes over the reissue of "Pushing To Hard". Here is a nice introduction to Pepper Gomez* of Master Plan, the real driving mind for all This!!!
Original videoclip for the official reissue of "The Valley Of Temples" put together by the expert hands of Marcus Mixx.12" record available for purchase in our Web Shop*. Enjoy!!!
Advanced copies*, please don't sleep!!! Rush Hour Records says: Rare Italian house 4 tracker from 1991 gets a repess via the new Italian label "La Bella Di Notte" courtesy of Franco Falsini, founder of Interactive Test and Marco Febbraro, music consultant at Strictly Groove.
Killer double sider of two different gems from the genius of Dodias, for the first time on one single 12". Purchase via our Web Shop* means the best price and early copies before the official release date worldwide. Don't forget!!!
We are happy to announce the first of a series of new collaborations. A small selection from the catalogue of Disco Segreta is now available in our Web Shop*. Soon more records from the best labels worldwide.
New entry, check it out*
Really impressed by the beauty of artwork made by Ravon for Chineurs Des Origines podcast series. Press PLAY*, enjoy the sound. Let's go!!!
Buy today, dispatch from Wed. 23th. Only via our Web Shop*. Official release date worldwide June 8th. Text by the one and only Matteo "Marmo" Tagliavini.
This gent. and "Prana People" are the same age. From the newyorker Prelude and the epicenter of disco music, via Omaggio 41 years later. Please find some copies at the best price in our Web Shop*.
"A long waiting since the previous output, but was absolutely worth it. The reissue is beautiful, everyone did a superb job on this one".
Sunday, May the 13th we are pleased to join in the "Music On Top" (Independent Label Market & Showcase). But above all, we are pleased to present some breaking news: The brand new reissue of the self titled masterpiece by Prana People, the preorder of the second release with Erezioni, a selection of the best releases of the Strictly Groove catalogue (everything to a special price) and the collaboration with the visionary artist Franco Falsini for the reissue of few of his works. Franco Falsini will be at our stand and will play an exclusive performance during the event, at approx 6pm. A little more about Franco Falsini? Click here*
Visti will spin few records in Parma, Friday November the 10th, including an anticipation of the forthcoming reissues on both Omaggio and Erezioni. This party is part of the prestigious Barezzi Festival and the official preview of the event "Strade" where the following week will play DJ Maseo from De La Soul and Nightmares On Wax.
Another leaked from the Strictly Groove's shelves, this time with a new imprint dedicated to a more latin feelings. Please welcome "Seminato" and the reissue of the masterpiece which is "Expreso Ritmico". As always, please find advanced copies at the best price in our Web Shop*, as long as the small stock lasts.
"Dedicated to Cuba, its people and all the fantastic musicians of the wonderful archipelago. Seminal and modern works like "Expreso Ritmico" still today, at the age of forty, have the power to seduce even the younger generations".
Omaggio's sub label Erezioni, is now out with the first reissue. Erezioni is the output for strictly Italian electronic dance music, possibly across 1978 and 1983. Please find a bunch of copies available at our Web Shop*.
"A warm thanks to the people involved in this project, who are all Italian too. We are proud to help spread our beloved Italo Disco, indisputably one of the most seminal genres of the international dance scene".
Finished copies now available in our Web Shop*. Soon in all major stores. We are literally flattered by the love we are receiving from all over the world. It's great to read your messages. Thank you!
Few advanced copies at our Web Shop*. Soon in all major stores. Rush Hour Store says: "Official reissue of this impossibile release. Killer Boogie-funk at its finest".
Visti will be back to Naples, and back at the infamous Woo! party on Sat. April the 15th. Will spin some records with Robag Wruhme, Musumeci, and more.
Now available through Bandcamp*, new FLML Ep "Brassy Brew / Suburb Fantazy" on Enother Blessing. The young duo from Bologna, Italy, they keep dropping ultra solid Chicago inspired acid house. Check it out!
"Powerful music from the beloved Bologna".
Thanks Juno Records for the nice words. Read below.
"The sole single from obscure French boogie outfit Klaps, released in limited quantities at some point in the early 1980s, has long been an in-demand item amongst moneyed record collectors. This reissue, then, should be great news to all those unwilling to fork out upwards of £500 for an original copy. It's a sublime slice of rubbery, synth-heavy electrofunk complete with sugary-sweet crew vocals and starry, early '80s soul touches. The flipside dub, which adds a little reverb and delay while allowing each musical element more room to breathe, is arguably even better. Some obscure, in-demand records are not all that great: "All The Way You Move" is fantastic".
Proud to see the "Stone Free" reissue in stock at the legendary Mr Bongo*.
Thu. Feb. 23rd, TG Soundsystem live @ Hot Buttered Club, Tokyo. Meanwhile his "Elemental Sketching EP Vol.2" will hit your favorite store. Meanwhile Yuki Tosaya aka TG Soundsystem, will release a nice 10" including "Sky Function" taken from "Elemental Sketching 2" and a remix he did of an old track by our protege Avenir. Mind the flow !!!
Beautiful and quite recent interview* to Mr. Cecil Lyde. His first ever solo album "Stone Free" will be the reissue Nr.2 with Omaggio∞.
Hello and welcome to the last version of our website. Hope you will enjoy and... If you skip you miss the trip!
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Master Plan - Pushin' Too Hard (12" reissue)
Skyline - Land Of Death (12" reissue)
Charisma Feat. Brenda Watts - Love Treatment (12" reissue)
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