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Incoming goods from the vault of none other than Justin Mackay. Official reissue courtesy of No Bones Records.
Camporella OFF party brings to Parma two of the finest Italians behind the console for a stellar line-up and night of hot dance actions. And to open the event, Reparto Vinile will set up his unique six linear meters of the best new vinyl records strictly for serious diggers. Join the event*.
An odd release if you know La Bella Di Notte catalog, but probably one of the most representative of his own vision. The reissue comes courtesy of Cem Oral and fully restored by none other than himself. Few copies available at the Web Shop*.
Rizosfera & Giardiniera preset "Post Clubbing*" at Museo Spazio Gerra, Reggio Emilia. Live streaming, talks, perfomances, DJset with some of the most respected artist of the undeground italian scene.
Its time to announce that Camporella Record Fair's second edition* will take place on Sunday 5th September in Parma, Italy. We are very proud to tell you that this event is very important to us because it comes from our idea aka little dream and because we are involved in artistic consultancy and promotion, together with Beat To Be* and Postwar Cinema Club*, the amazing location that will host us. Join the Facebook event* to discover all the top-notch content and be updated on the news that we will reveal from time to time.
One week to go to Napoli Segreta DJset for Camporella Record Fair 2021 Preview*. This is going to be very special!!! Not only because our boss will be again behind a consolle after over a year, opening to Napoli Segreta, but first of all because Napoli Segreta will play the only gig in Emilia Romagna this summer and you all know very well the incredible and unexpected selection of the duo. Also, this is part of a bigger event due to late summer that sees us deeply involved, but you will read more news on these pages very soon.
PVC on June 5th. Vinyl market fair, workshops, live music, and DJ sets featuring some of the best independent Italian labels and record stores for what is expected to be another great weekend at the legendary Link Club, Bologne. Find us here*
It wasn't our intention to arouse all this excitement in the guys at Juno Records, who started out like this (smile): "God bless the folk sitting in the Omaggio office, without them some people wouldn't be remembering this totem of New Wave by Sound On Sound, and others not be hearing it for the first time via this reissue*"...
Seminal hard techno and acid stuff by Cosmic Baby & DJ Jonzon originally released on the legendary Space Teddy Records in the early nineties, now available via La Bella Di Notte*, after a full audio restoration.
Holy-grail private-press from Chicago by the legendary Andrew Kitchen. Fully restored reissue* now available for you, including additional producion edit by Pepper Gomez & DJ Rocca.
Four intense tracks originally released in the early '80 from the golden age of none other than Maggotron. We are very proud of this one. Few copies are available in advance at our Web Shop* before the release hits the stores worldwide in mid-January hopefully.
Four intense hours of live streaming from a secret location. Thirty minutes each between the boss and his mentor DJ Rocca. Heartfelt thanks to Teatro Verdi for the excellent production. Enjoy the music and play it loud.
Vinyl market fair, workshops, live music, and DJ sets featuring some of the best independent Italian labels and record stores for what is expected to be a great weekend at the legendary Link Club, Bologne. Find us @ Microsolchi October 17th & 18th*.
Fifth reissue for this strange year. Keep it going, no Panic :)
Summer is still very hot!!!
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Once upon the time: "Omaggio release number eleven".
Statement for our Italian community only. Dal 2009 vendiamo dischi online ad appassionati e collezionisti in 228 Paesi. Diamo per scontato il commercio elettronico, ma ci siamo resi conto, oggi più che mai, che per molti questa risorsa è ancora un taboo. Così, con questa campagna, non solo offriamo servizi circoscritti all'emergenza Covid-19, ma vogliamo affermare che, come abbiamo sempre fatto e continueremo a fare, siamo a disposizione per supportare i desideri di tutti, sopratutto di chi ancora non ha dimestichezza con gli acquisti online. Cogliamo l'occasione per ringraziare i lavoratori del settore impegnati a soddisfare le esigenze di chi vende e di chi compra. Grazie!!! Scopri di più.*
Allow me to say that we have one of the most interesting, as well as rare, findings made so far with La Bella Di Notte, but in general from the Strictly Groove catalog. It is a compilation of five tracks put together in the early nineties out of Manchester in a crucial period, to say the least. Although the authors were novice geeks, they were passionate actors of a very fervent scene, whose entourage boasted artists such as Robert Gordon, co-founder of Warp, as well as the sound engineer of this project. Hung around! The vinyl was self-produced in a clearly limited edition, which also gives it that aura of collector's item, as well as an unmissable record for the most eclectic DJs or at ease in private rooms and small and smoky underground clubs.
We continue to work and try to remain positive and strong despite the Covid 19 pandemic. All orders are processed regularly. Our reissues and licensing business is fervent in these days of forced isolation and all our partners are operating as always, even in this moment of uncertainty. Above all, we want to send a message of affection and deep condolence to those who are going through the darkest period <3
Hell yeah!!! Happiness and pride for this one are out of control. Please welcome the legendary Aubrey and his very own "Alien Disco" masterpiece.
Selected Gigs, click here*.
Selected News 2017-2019*.
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Oral Experience - Never Been On E/Timbo (12" reissue)
Sound On Sound - Macho/Depression (12" reissue)
Vein Melter - When You Feel It/Pump The Bass (12" gold & purple mixed reissue)
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