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One of the most obscure slow tempo Italodisco records of all time. Please welcome the official reissue of "Dancing" via Erezioni, courtesy of Gero Merella.   As announced just over a month ago, the reissue of one of the most classic and consistent 12" of the entire electronic disco scene, via Seminato, is finally available. Thanks to the kind courtesy of Mr. Harold Sargent, an artist who manifested its magnificence with a career studded with timeless successes and one of the most skilled drummers, so we will soon be able to reveal a nice, as much as necessary, anecdote. Stay tuned!   We took the license to offer you something a little different. Not the classic Omaggio - tribute, the reissue the closest possible to the original as usual, but we chose two essential tracks of an equally beautiful album, and we gave it that cut that only the 12" single can have.  
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Originally released in 1982, the first-ever release by the seminal Leader Records, a sublabel of the infamous Discomagic. Official reissue come courtesy of Erezioni e Sandro Oliva.   One of the reissues we dreamed of for a long time. Over and out!   Omaggio opens 2019 indeed with release catalog number nine. Two gems from the vault of The Cool Notes that will be literally Blow your mind away. Boogie - Pop at its best, for instant happiness for any dance floor.  
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Probably one of the most deserved reissues of the entire jazz-funk, boogie catalog. We are quite sure about that. Equa, a side project of Mr. Batchelor, bassist and founding member of the cult UK band Atmosfear, signs a couple of incredible tracks you will never be tired to give them a spin.   Open Spaces reissue, another masterpiece by Interactive Test. Official release worldwide due to mid-February. Hurry up if you want to beat everyone on time!   Another black belt from the early days of Chicago House. The King of Acid K-Alexi produced this record already 30 years ago. The reissue is courtesy of La Bella Di Notte. Shipping from Tuesday 6th. Don't sleep!  
An interview with #discogatto*   Strictly Groove @ Music On Top, Prato.   Reissue alert! #10  
Read carefully ;)   Sunday, May the 13th we are pleased to join in the "Music On Top" (Independent Label Market & Showcase). But above all, we are pleased to present some breaking news: The brand new reissue of the self-titled masterpiece by Prana People, the preorder of the second release with Erezioni, a selection of the best releases of the Strictly Groove catalog (everything to a special price) and the collaboration with the visionary artist Franco Falsini for the reissue of few of his works. Franco Falsini will be at our stand and will play an exclusive performance during the event, at approx 6 pm. A little more about Franco Falsini? Click here.*   Finally available a cult record out of the very early Chicago House scene, originally released in the far 1984.  
Master Plan - Pushin' Too Hard, official videoclip by Marcus Mixx   Reissue alert! #9   Reissue alert! #8  
An original video clip for the official reissue of "Pushin' Too Hard" put together by the expert hands of Marcus Mixx. Enjoy!!!   A masterpiece from another time and space. A classic record in the selection of the pioneer DJs Mozart and Daniele Baldelli.   What do you Do if I say it is finally available for purchase?  
Dodias - The Valley Of Temples, official videoclip by Marcus Mixx   Reissue alert! #7   Reissue alert! #6  
An original video clip for the official reissue of "The Valley Of Temples" put together by the expert hands of Marcus Mixx. Enjoy!!!   Rush Hour Records says: Rare Italian house 4 tracker from 1991 gets a repress via the new Italian label "La Bella Di Notte" courtesy of Franco Falsini, founder of Interactive Test and Marco Febbraro, music consultant at Strictly Groove.   A new entry, check it out.  
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This gent. and "Prana People" are the same age. From the new yorker Prelude and the epicenter of disco music, via Omaggio 41 years later.   "Dedicated to Cuba, its people, and all the fantastic musicians of the wonderful archipelago. Seminal and modern works like "Expreso Ritmico" still today, at the age of forty, have the power to seduce even the younger generations".   Omaggio's sub-label Erezioni is now out with the first reissue. Erezioni is the output for strictly Italian electronic dance music, possibly across 1978 and 1983.  
Reissue alert! #2   Reissue alert! #1   Enother Blessing.  
We are literally flattered by the love we are receiving from all over the world. It's great to read your messages. Thank you!   Rush Hour Store says: "Official reissue of this impossible release. Killer Boogie-funk at its finest".   Now available through Bandcamp*, new FLML Ep "Brassy Brew/Suburb Fantazy" on Enother Blessing. The young duo from Bologna, Italy, they keep dropping ultra-solid Chicago inspired acid house. Check it out!  
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